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I am very restless.


So restless in fact that I, at about a quarter past midnite, began my application to go to Italy in the summer of 2007.

I miss the ocean so much it almost hurts. I want to lay in the sun, but not by a pool or in the grass. I want to lay in the sun on the beach.

I want to be laying next to someone too.

Actually, first, I want to be skinny.

I haven't done anything crazy in awhile.

I, at various points in my life, will tend to have a thrill-seeking type of personality. I haven't done anything real crazy, dangerous, wrong, bad, or illegal since spring break. Yes, I have done the underage drinking thing... and that does not count as anything special. I took my first few drinks at 14. So nothing dangerous or crazy for way too long. And I didn't know Mark had a girlfriend so that doesn't count as doing anything wrong or bad. Since I have not done anything worth of this thrill-seeking personality...

I am looking for the next big thing.

My next night of 3 random hook-ups.

My next drunken night of doing things me and another know we shouldn't.

My next day of walking around Seattle in the sunshine.

The next time I can get up on stage and sing.

My next piano performance that makes the audience feel and smile.

The next hour I can stand in the middle of the road and hear the sound of silence.

The next time I can kiss a guy in the forest in the rain.

The moment I can tell someone I've never been happier.

The next time I fall asleep under the stars.

The next time I get pushed into a hot tub at 4 AM.

My next big adventure.

And if something doesn't happen, I just might do something to cause it... Anyone want to plan a trip to Mexico for next weekend? Because that's a better alternative to what I just might do to cause a stir around here...
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