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I was not sure this community was in much use from the looks of things, but here goes.

I have type I bipolar disorder, and when my moods get out of wack for real, they generally spiral out of control and wreak havoc on every aspect of my being. For this reason, I'm told never, ever, never to go off medication unsupervised.

Oftentimes, however, I'll end up not refilling in time because I'm irresponsible that way and I'll let myself go up to a week without a primary medication I'm supposed to be taking.

This time, I had been seeing a much older man, which my few friends think is very bad for me. I stopped seeing him for a while but ended up posting sex personals on CraigsList :-x...I'm very bad. We won't describe what happened next. Then yesterday I got in a period of self loathing... and boom, I whipped out the kitchen knife which I hadn't done in years... but I did...
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