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wow - so unquietly quiet

For unquiet minds, we sure are quiet. 

I'll make up a poem on the spot.  If it comes out triggering, I'll put it under a cut.  It's just for entertainment's sake since it's so darned QUIET.

~ ~

Cue the music.
Since the rain is falling, nevermind.
No music needed here.
Since the clay is molding, nevermind.
No structure needed here.

Cue the actors.  Set the stage.
Stagehands set, all systems go.
I'm waiting. . . but no one's coming.
Since I'm alone, nevermind.
No actors needed here.

Cue the talkers.  The script's been written. 
Where are they?  Who will talk and speak the lines?
Since it's all quiet, nevermind.
No talkers needed here.

Cue the silence.  Don't break it.
Glass-like, shatters.  Steal-like, unbroken.
Since it's all I've got, nevermind.
Nothing needed here.

~ ~

Not bad at all.  Not triggering, so I'll leave it.  ~
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